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Best Independent.

Best Independent is changing the landscape of Australian publishing. We’re focused on publishing books that readers engage with, that are tuned into global cultural currents and that spark wider cultural conversations. Books written with readers in mind, that are thematically expansive, current and outward looking, even if they have plots and characters located in Australia.

We are here to change the game. We are here to make Australian writing matter. We've only just begun.

LAUNCHING: March 2019

Abdul and the Cauliflower is a disorienting tale about the misfortunes of a depressive in a world of perfect happiness: sadness scandalises his friends. Equal parts Kafka and visual stuff, Abdul takes places in a no-man’s land which both tempts and confounds. While indebted to Dada and aesthetic modernism, the combination of Chris Fleming’s darkly absurd text and Nick Gordon’s superb, playful art creates a short, comic tale that is something all its own.

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Best Independent is currently open for submissions. We are seeking poetry and prose works and graphic novels. We are interested in showcasing writing from every area of Australian life, especially migrant, refugee, LGBT, indigenous and other under-represented voices that reflect Australian diversity.

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